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Here we go... so read! - J Lu's Journal

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August 1st, 2006

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07:48 pm - Here we go... so read!
First off
I hurt my car.. on Sam's driveway. Upon leaving at 2:30 one night/morning.. a rock happened to puncture my oil pan of my car.. thus letting out all my oil... mostly all at the gas station (which you can see at the Cheveron over by Weatherly). I had a trial in the gas station and then a big puddle. Sucked! Called dad.. home at 3:30. Dad went to go get it towed next morn. Now waiting on new oil pan to come in so I can have my car back and see if it still works.

< < < CAR Boo-Boo PICS > > >

Miami Vice
was mmmmmgood.  NiiiiiCE cars, sEex, Niiiiiiccce powerful boats, pretty sweet battle scenes, and good gore reality effects. THE BEACH!!!!
Sweet drama as well. Dealing with drugs and all. Kinda hard to follow along too... but its good none the less!

So I'm ready for football season soooo bad.  

Going to the club with Tommye (21yr from Montevallo) and Carrie (19yr from AU-dated Chriss Maddox) was so MUCH fun.
They liked how I "fooled them"... and showed them how "I can dance". They loved it. Haha.. I loved them.. and their hotness.

That brings up the next thing. WHEN are we going to be friends again? Hang out? And not try to be secret about... ... friends with me?!?! thats bs!

So now... we have weeknights at Montevallo taken care of. Can even crash at grandma right down from the campus if I have to (walking) and I got Brett to go stay with once in AU. Carrie is my party girl once there. She wants to introduce Sam and I to her seriority (alpha omicron pi). BOYYIE will this fall be fun. Not to even mention my fun in Ttown will be. Getting to hang out with my graduation class I hope... and you others!

<  <  <  PICS OF ME  >  >  >

Feeling loved is... good enough to say for now.


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Date:August 2nd, 2006 06:55 am (UTC)
man. so. yea, takin her home, tommye talked about how she thought it was funny/cute how much you loved to dance and go 'clubbin'. i laughed with her and told her that yea, you did, and it really was the biggest difference in the three of us (me u and jj) that showed our characteristics. u love clubbin and dancin, i'm more of just likeing a bar or something like workplay with a band to chill with a lil beat goin, and josh just loves girls and alcohol(but we both agreed he's still young so that's fine).

man, i'm SOOOOOOOO pumped dude!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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