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I'm in love Christina Aguilera. Her and Reese Witherspoon I <3… - J Lu's Journal

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August 15th, 2006

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08:02 pm
I'm in love Christina Aguilera.
Her and Reese Witherspoon

ok... so enough of my 2 fav women superstars.
Classes start next Monday for me.

 "event" this Saturday. Bday. Spain Park. All 18 and older?!?!... alright alright! But 20+? Pssssh

Cell me


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Date:August 21st, 2006 02:08 pm (UTC)

just a convo i found exciting.... thougth u might too! (just now)

masnamgib: hey geoff
VHIS5150: ail
VHIS5150: ?
masnamgib: oops, this is sam oldham
VHIS5150: ohh ok
VHIS5150: hey
masnamgib: so did josh ask you about me and him staying with yall the weeken of the 2nd, the first home game?
VHIS5150: uhh...no he just asked are you ready for football season and i asid uhh yea josh...and that was it..Txt message
masnamgib: well that's josh, the nigger. haha, well then i'll ask now.. is that possible?
VHIS5150: yea thats cool
VHIS5150: there is going to be a huge party that night by the way
masnamgib: awesome!
masnamgib: which night, friday night or saturday night?
VHIS5150: saturday i think
VHIS5150: but i will fill you in on the info as it gets closer but i think its gonna be a luau party
masnamgib: well you know we're ready for that!
masnamgib: luau... hmmm... sounds interesting! aight, cool man, thanks alot! ttyl then
VHIS5150: yea i gotta get ready for work
VHIS5150: later man
masnamgib: later
VHIS5150 is away at 8:55:41 AM.

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